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About Larchmont Engineering & Irrigation

Larchmont Engineering and Irrigation has been an innovative leader since our inception. Not content to just distribute products, over the years Larchmont has also developed, manufactured and patented several products to meet customers’ needs.

In 1949 Larchmont Farms Inc. was formed by Philip and Joseph Tropeano. The company made special farm machinery and conveyors, and as a dealer sold farm machinery. In 1950, irrigation was added to our product line and ever since we have specialized in all types of irrigation systems and equipment. In 1951, we developed a snowmaking nozzle and this became another market, so Larchmont Engineering, Inc was formed to sell to ski areas and the name Larchmont Farms, Inc. was changed to Larchmont Engineering and Irrigation, Inc. In 1978, Joseph Tropeano retired from the company and Philip Tropeano became President and Treasurer of Larchmont Engineering and Irrigation, Inc.

From 1951 to the present time, Larchmont Engineering and Irrigation, Inc. (doing business as Larchmont) has also developed and manufactured fast aluminum irrigation couplings for portable aluminum pipe, Rain Kannons, (a patented large trailable self-contained irrigation system) several types of snow nozzles (all patented) and high-pressure, self-draining hydrants for snowmaking systems. We also fabricate all types of pump stations to suit all.

Over time, Larchmont has also expanded our product lines to include irrigation products, landscape lighting, drainage and storm water management supplies, pumps and fountains, landscape equipment rentals, landscape tools and winter products.

Larchmont is the New England distributor of Rainbird, Hunter, Irritol, Weathermatic, L.R. Nelson products, Gorman-Rupp pumps, Myers pumps, Berkeley pumps, John-Manville pipes, Goodall plastic pipes, Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., Reynolds aluminum pipe and many other related products. We understand contractors’ needs so we have the largest in stock inventory in the region. Browse through our hands on Lexington, MA showroom and you will see the Larchmont difference.

Larchmont doesn’t just distribute industry leading products. Our team of sales and design professionals design all types of irrigation systems, waste water systems, snowmaking systems and automatic pumping systems. When you need expert advice and consultation together with the largest in stock inventory in the region, you can count on Larchmont.

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