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Green Landscaping and Water Conservation

Using and conserving water efficiently is becoming more important than ever. Whether you want to irrigate commercial crops or a just home’s plants and shrubs, Larchmont has the irrigation products for you.

Green Landscaping


– Drip irrigation is the slow application of water directly to the plant’s roots. Accepted as the most efficient way to irrigate, drip irrigation leads the way in water conservation. With the emphasis on saving water and money, more homeowners, landscape architects and irrigation consultants are specifying drip irrigation systems in their design plans. With drip irrigation, water is not wasted, thereby saving money for either the homeowner or the farming professional.

As the leader in providing quality irrigation systems, Larchmont offers a wide selection of Drip Irrigation products.  We have the products you need for small or large agriculture projects and for most any crop.  For the homeowner, by replacing sprinklers in  shrub beds with drip irrigation, you can eliminate unsightly sprinklers on risers while saving water and money.


– Rainwater harvesting is the gathering, or accumulating and storing, of rainwater. Harvesting rain water is an excellent and cost effective method to conserve and use water for a variety of irrigation purposes. By avoiding municipal water systems, rain water collection systems allow you to conserve water and irrigate property inexpensively.   

Talk to the experts at Larchmont Engineering to learn how Rainwater Harvesting can work for you.

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