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Drainage Systems

Our commitment to providing stormwater management solutions for every environment and need has led to the development of superior quality drainage products for a wide variety of residential and non-residential systems. Please see the product sections below for further detail about each component.


Our Flo-Well units collect, retain, and discharge stormwater on-site, with each unit holding up to 50 gallons of stormwater. A gravel-free alternative to a traditional dry well.

  • Applications: surface or subsurface drainage
  • Load rated: up to Class B with appropriate grate
Flo-Well Drainage Systems


The Saber Sump Pump Pit and Saber Tank Extension are molded from high quality, impact resistant polyethylene. This tough, seamless, corrosion proof construction together with the system's innovative patented design and proven capabilities has set the standard for the future in drainage. Poor drainage and expansive soils are a global concern. Annual repair costs to man made structures exceeds $100 billion dollars in the United States alone. Saber Drainage Systems has targeted each area where conventional drainage methods have failed, identified related problems and designed a solution. The Saber Sump Pump Pit will not fail under soil shifting or ground heaving conditions. The Saber Sump Pump Pit reduces soil moisture content because it is a subsurface drainage system.

Saber Pit


StormTech chambers are cost-effective subsurface storm water management solutions and an excellent alternative for Retention/Detention systems. The chambers are carefully engineered to meet the demands of subsurface storm water management applications.

StormTech chambers offer versatility to the design engineer, are lightweight and have secure overlapping joints. The open bottom chamber can be used for retention where storm water infiltrates into the underlying soils or for detention where peak flows are attenuated using an outlet control structure.

Storm Drainage Systems


Trench and Channel Drain Systems provide durable and proven solutions for perimeter drainage in applications ranging from light foot traffic to heavy vehicular traffic.

  • Applications: surface drainage
  • Load rated: up to Class D with appropriate grate
Trench Channel Drain Water Drainage Systems

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