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Permeable Pavers

Water Permeable Pavers are a sustainable alternative to traditional paving methods. By providing a permeable surface in place of impervious hardscaping and allowing water to filter through to the subsurface, Permeable Pavers reduce runoff and allow stormwater to be processed on-site. The final area looks identical to regular turf or a gravel road, but can support anything from heavy vehicles, such as a firetruck, to daily vehicle parking.


EZ Roll Grass Pavers have a flexible grid system, and are manufactured in pre-assembled rolls for easy roll-out and installation.

  • Compressive strength empty: 57,890 psf
  • Applications: Residential, Non-Residential
  • Fill Material: Soil and seed or sod
Permeable Pavers EZ Roll Grass Pavers Installed


Tufftrack Grass Pavers are a manufactured in rigid 24" square panels for maximum strength.

  • Compressive strength empty: 98,770 psf
  • Applications: Non-Residential, Heavy Duty, Fire Lanes
  • Fill Material: Soil and seed or sod
Tufftrack Grass Paver Tufttrack Grass Pavers Installed


EZ Roll Gravel Pavers have a flexible grid system backed with a continuous sheet of geotextile fabric, which holds aggregate securely in place under light to heavy vehicular loads.

  • Compressive strength empty: 66,000 psf
  • Applications: Residential, Non-Residential
  • Fill Material: Stone aggregate
Water Permeable Pavers EZ Roll Gravel Pavers Installed

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