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Irrigation Supplies

PVC Fittings


Larchmont stocks a wide variety of all PVC Schedule 40 fittings. We also supply a large stock of Schedule 80 fittings  


Glues and Sealants


We stock a wide variety of glues and sealants from Weld-On. Weld-On is the premium brand of products for joining plastic pipes and fittings. All Weld-On solvent cements, primers and cleaners meet the requirements for Low VOC (volatile organic compound) emission limits established by the California South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), one of the nation's strictest air quality regulatory bodies. Low VOC emissions contribute to cleaner air. 
Our in-stock inventory includes: Primers, Gray Cements, Blue Cements, Wet/Dry and Hot/Cold Cements, Seal Lube and Thread Sealants.   


Irrigation Valve Boxes


Larchmont supplies the most complete line of Valve Boxes from Carson and Pentek.
They are available in 6” Round to 19 x 32 rectangular, black or green. Our supplies of irrigation valve boxes were designed for strength and durability. Covers as well as extensions are also available.


Rid O Rust


American Hydro System's specialty irrigation products provide solutions designed to treat well water used in irrigation systems. American Hydro Systems has been providing specialty irrigation products for rust stain removal and prevention for over twenty five years. The Rid O' Rust prevention formula prevents well water rust staining. Professional grade rust stain removers designed to dissolve the stain within seconds. Pre-mixed liquid or powder formula available to fit the professional's needs.




The Alleviator irrigation shut-off valve opens the door to more convenience for your customers with fewer hassles. The Alleviator full-port valve brings irrigation controls outside, where you have access anytime. With the Alleviator on the job, you don't have to go inside homes and businesses to reach irrigation system shut-off valves. You save on scheduling calls, telephone tie-ups and unnecessary trips to accounts. 


Rock Enclosures


Dekorra® brand rock enclosures are available in our realistic RealRock™ material providing a natural look and fit within most landscaping designs. Our rock enclosures conceal most irrigation and sprinkler system installations including; RPZ and PVB backflow devices, booster pump applications, well/septic systems and most communications and power pedestal installations.

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