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Landscape Lighting

Larchmont is one of the largest landscape lighting distributors stocking Low Voltage Landscape Lighting fixtures and products. Our expertise, combined with excellent service from our staff of trained technicians and our huge selection, offers unbeatable value. Unlike the “Big Box” stores, our staff will take the time to help you determine the best products for your home or project.


Landscape Lighting ApplicationsLandscape Lighting

We offer and stock Low Voltage Landscape lighting for walkways, decks, gardens and more from some of the leading landscape lighting manufacturers such as FX Luminaire, Focus, Illumicare, Integral, Kichler, and others. Our 12-Volt lighting products are ideal for residential and commercial needs and save you money compared to standard outdoor lighting fixtures.

Extensive Inventory

Larchmont’s extensive inventory of Landscape Lighting includes copper and decorative painted brass fixtures.  Larchmont only carries products that are made of the highest quality components and our fixtures come in a variety of different styles to fit any job. We also stock transformers, bulbs, wire, and everything needed for your next project.

Enhance the Value of your Property

A properly designed 12-Volt Landscape Lighting system will enhance the value of your home and help make the appearance of your property as attractive at night as it is during the daylight hours. Lights will add a touch of elegance for that special occasion. Safe, energy efficient landscape lighting adds comfort, safety, and security to your home or next commercial project. A well lighted home can effectively discourage intruders.

Talk with our Experienced Staff

Stop in or call (781) 862-2550 and speak with one of our experienced customer representatives for assistance with your Landscape Lighting project.

Landscape Lighting Distributor for ...

FX Luminaire FX Luminaire was acquired by Hunter Industries in 2009. With similar foundations in forward-looking product innovations, reliability, and superior customer service, both companies have come together in an obvious marriage of tradition and reinvention. Combining forces with Hunter allows FX to bring resource-efficient landscape components such as the LED-based Lumineux, to its customers.
Focus Industries Focus Industries is a dedicated manufacturer and nation-wide leader of landscape and outdoor lighting. Offering the latest in lighting technologies and a wide assortment of customizable options.  Focus is committed to providing a dynamic product line that can be tailored to many different needs. American made.
Illumicare Landscape LED Lighting Established using an advanced product development and innovation model, Illumicare Group Limited is an outdoor lighting manufacturer driven by the demand for better LED lamp, fixture and transformer solutions for the landscape lighting industry. We develop with environmental stewardship in mind and design our products to maximize energy savings, reduce maintenance costs, enhance safety measures and reduce light pollution.
Integral Lighting Integral Lighting is an innovative solution to hardscape lighting. Designed and manufactured by Hartman Design, Inc., a company with over 20 years experience in both the lighting and landscape design build industry.
  Kichler Lighting also available.
Kichler Lighting

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